Cake Guide

Cake Serving Guide

For most weddings, engagements, birthday parties or other occasions, we can make your cake to suit the number of serves you require. Where a cake cannot be made larger (in the case of a novelty cake or in the case of very large wedding parties) you can have a cutting cake made for the kitchen to supplement the number of serves you require.  This cake would not be decorated as no one will see it, but when cut will look the same as the main cake, this is an economical way of making up the number of serves.

In cases where a cake that is chosen is quite large eg: has 6 tiers, and you only need 4 tiers to feed your guests, we can add fake tiers (made of polystyrene) that are decorated the same as the real cake.
​Fake tiers can also be kept as a momento of your special day.

Here is a guide to what size cake you would need for the number of guests you wish to serve.

DESSERT serving is approx. 1 inch x 2 inch

COFFEE serving is approx. 1 inch x 1 inch

Transportation & Storage


Most single tier cakes can be safely transported by placing it on a flat surface in your vehicle.  Standard sized cakes will be boxed in a box, that will fit the base board of the cake & cupcakes will be boxed in cupcake boxes.

Multi tiered cakes are not boxed and are usually not transported as one piece. If you choose to transport your mulit-tiered cake youself, please ensure you have someone to carry it as it cannot be left by itself in the vehicle. 

Once the cake leaves us, you are solely responsible for your cake. Please note that we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to the goods after collection has taken place.

All wedding cakes are delivered by us for a small delivery fee (please ask for a quote). Multi tiered wedding cakes are not transported as one piece. In most cases we will transport it as separate pieces, and assemble it at the venue.

Where your wedding cake has cake toppers or fragile ornaments, these will be transported separately and attached to the cake when it is set up at the venue
In the case of cupcake towers as well, we will assemble and set it up at the venue.

Acceptance of the cake indicates that the cake has been received in good condition.  Please note that we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to the goods after delivery has taken place.


Where cakes are covered in fondant or have flowers, figurines and other decorations made out of fondant or sugar paste, these should not be refrigerated as this may cause the icing to run or go out of shape. 

Storage of these items should be in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.